Request for Proposals

Join us for a journey of global connection as we continue Amplifying Voices Worldwide at the 2024 AG Bell Global LSL Virtual Symposium! We are now accepting proposals for all session types.

Call for Proposals is Open for Poster and Tips for Your Toolbox Presentations!

All sessions will be presented live, online, June 26-27, 2024.

Share best practices in listening and spoken language through eight learning tracks:

  • Audiology, neuroscience, and hearing technology
  • Thinking, reading, playing, and interacting with others: Supporting the whole child across ages and stages
  • Co-working with families and/or teams
  • Supporting children and families experiencing developmental challenges, social challenges, and/or complex needs
  • Optimizing Listening and Spoken Language outcomes
  • Professional practice, mentoring, and innovations in service delivery
  • Tailoring services to children, families, and others in support of diverse languages, cultures, and environments
  • Innovative science and promising practices (i.e., gene therapy)

Submit a Proposal for Two Session Types!

  • Poster + 5-Minute Podium Presentations: This is your chance to share a short, 5-minute presentation on your research, interesting case studies, or any other project you think would benefit a global audience. Short presentations like this help you drive future projects and gain interest in your work.
  • Tips for Your Toolbox 4-Minute Mini Presentations: These short, 4-minute mini presentations are an opportunity to share your tools, resources, and best practices with colleagues all over the world. Gain a global audience and make connections!

Proposals for these session types will be accepted until March 18, 2024. You may use the same form to submit your proposal in English or Spanish.

Questions about how to submit a session proposal may be directed to

New! Top 5 Tips for Writing an Amazing Abstract!

Are you thinking about submitting an abstract for the 2023 AG Bell Global LSL Virtual Symposium but are not sure where to start? Check out our top 5 tips for writing an amazing abstract.

Abstract Example (English)

Abstract Instructions (English) | Abstract Instructions (Spanish)

Questions about how to submit a session proposal may be directed to

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