Continuing Education

In part, the AG Bell Global LSL Virtual Symposium is provided to assist professionals in their continuing education.

In order to be awarded continuing education units or hours connected to the Symposium, a registered professional participant must:

  • Participate in the entire session, whether in a “live” session or “on demand” session.
  • Understand that only those sessions listed as offering continuing education are eligible for continuing education.
  • Satisfactorily complete a Self-Assessment of Learning for each session in which continuing education units/hours are desired. Participants who do not complete an Assessment of Learning will not earn continuing education for that particular session.
    • Each Self-Assessment of Learning form will be reviewed by AG Bell’s Continuing Education (CE) Administrator. The CE Administrator is quite familiar with the content being provided by session presenters and will review each assessment for learning about the content presented in that particular session.
    • Any Self-Assessment of Learning that verbatim lists the Learning Objectives listed on the AG Bell Symposium website is considered unsatisfactory for a given session and that participant will not be awarded continuing education for that session.
  • A link to a CEU grid will be made available during the Symposium. Learners will complete the grid and indicate the number of CEUs they are requesting prior to submitting the grid through Jotform. A copy of the complete CEU grid responses will be emailed to the learner after they click submit. Please keep this copy for your records.
  • Understand that an attendee can be awarded continuing education units/hours only once per session and only for the full amount indicated for that particular session.
  • A participant who attends both days of the “live” symposium can earn up to 20 continuing education hours/units provided that the participant attends each session in full and satisfactorily completes an Assessment of Learning for each attended session. The same attendees can earn additional continuing education hours/units by attending sessions on demand that they did not attend during the live symposium. Links to “on demand” sessions will be provided to registrants following the symposium.
  • A participant can register for the Symposium, not attend the “live” event, and still earn continuing education as long as that participant participates in “on demand” sessions and completes a Self-Assessment of Learning for each attended session.
  • Professional attendees who participate in sessions completely on demand can earn CEUs provided requirements are met.

Live Event CEU Information

On Demand Event CEU Information

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