Continuing Education

In part, the AG Bell Global LSL Virtual Symposium is provided to assist professionals in their continuing education.

In order to be awarded continuing education units or hours connected to the Symposium, a registered professional participant must follow this process:

  1. Open the top choice in the list of sessions in the PATH system which is titled, “Select Your CEUs here” and choose the type of CEUs you wish to receive during the Symposium. You only need to complete this form one time.
  2. *Complete and submit a “Session Feedback + CEU Learning Assessment” form for each attended session for which you desire CEUs. Participants who do not complete a “Session Feedback + CEU Learning Assessment form for a given session will not earn CEUS for that session.

*You must complete a Session Feedback + CEU Learning Assessment form for all attended sessions in which you wish to receive CEU credit. If you attend multiple sessions, you should complete multiple Session Feedback + CEU Learning Assessment forms.

Other Important Information about CEUs

  • It is best to complete each form prior to the end of the Symposium while learning has just occurred. You must answer every question, but do not need to be detailed or even use full sentences.
  • Each Session Feedback + CEU Learning Assessment form must be completed no later than July 8, 2024.
  • Understand that only those sessions listed as offering continuing education are eligible for continuing education.
  • Participate in the entire session, whether in a “live” session or “on demand” session.
  • Session Feedback + CEU Assessment of Learning forms will be reviewed by AG Bell’s Continuing Education (CE) Administrator. The CE Administrator is quite familiar with the content being provided by session presenters and will review each assessment for learning about the content presented in that particular session.
  • Any verbatim listing on a Session Feedback + CEU Learning Assessment form of the Learning Objectives listed on the AG Bell Symposium website is considered unsatisfactory for a given session and that participant will not be awarded continuing education for that session.
  • Understand that an attendee can be awarded continuing education units/hours only once per session and only for the full amount indicated for that particular session.
  • A participant who attends all three days of the “live” symposium can earn up to 19 continuing education hours/1.9 units provided that the participant attends each session in full and satisfactorily completes a Session Feedback + CEU Assessment of Learning form for each attended session. The same attendees can earn additional continuing education hours/units by attending sessions on demand that they did not attend during the live symposium.
  • You will be able to access the “On-Demand” Symposium version of the Symposium July 24-September 30 using the same link to the PATH system that you will use for the live Symposium.
  • A participant can register for the Symposium, not attend the “live” event, and still earn continuing education as long as that participant participates in the On-Demand Symposium and completes a Session Feedback + CEU Learning Assessment form for each attended session.

Live Event CEU Information

On Demand Event CEU Information

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