Launching Your Brilliant Career

with Mary Ellen Nevins

Whether you are a current graduate student or early career professional, come meet and greet some of the Listening and Spoken Language professional “stars” who themselves are enjoying brilliant careers.  This open conversationpromises words of wisdom and sage advice from our invited guests (stay tuned for the lineup of professionals who will be available at this special session) while at the same time gathers cohort level colleagues from across the country and perhaps even the world!  This special evening session isa can’t miss event while attending your first (or maybe second) LSL Symposium.  Be sure to mark your calendar for a stimulating evening designed to help you dream big as you embark on your LSL career journey!


Pathways to LSL Certification Networking Session

with Jenna Voss

Are you a professional who is considering the LSL Certification process? Do you have questions about how this might benefit you and the children you serve? Whether you’re simply curious or actively pursuing the certification process, join us for this informal conversation! We will explore key elements of the process, connect you with others on this journey, and activate your excitement for this professional development opportunity!


Understanding and Participating in State and Federal Advocacy

with Joni Alberg

This session will provide you an opportunity to discuss current policy issues at the state and federal levels. Find out how some of your peers have stopped legislation in their states that, had it passed, could have had negative consequences for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and who listen and talk!

Bring your questions and ideas to share!

  • What is one thing I would like to see changed for professionals?
  • What is one thing I would like to see changed for children who are deaf or hard of hearing? Their parents?
  • If only we could _____, services for children would be greatly improved.
  • I wish I knew ____ about laws that impact me are created.

Networking: Challenges and Opportunities in Tele-practice

with K. Todd Houston, Arlene Stedler-brown

Increasingly, telepractice is being used as a service delivery model to connect families of children with hearing loss to LSL professionals. As practitioners use a range of telecommunication technology to connect with families in their homes or community-based settings, parents are being coached, and children are achieving excellent communication outcomes. If you are a tele-practitioner or have an interest in telepractice, please join us for a stimulating early morning discussion on Friday, June 30th at 6:45-7:45 am.