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Poster presentation displays can be viewed on Monday and Tuesday of the Symposium.

Poster Title Presenters
MLU in Portuguese children with cochlear implants S. Lynce de Faria
Comprehension of Complex Sentences in CI Children M. Moita
Building Professional Networks Supporting Hearing Impaired Children S. Capitão, T. Lavra
Early Acoustic Hearing and Reading Skills H. Grantham
LittlEARS© Battery: Family-Based Assessment and Intervention J. Shepherd
Interdisciplinary Graduate Training: Deaf Education and Audiology E. Elliott
Specialized Center for Auditory Development in Brazil A. Lima Mortari Moret, F. de Lourdes Antonio, J. de Moura Silva
Educational Audiology Training in Undergraduate Programs – Brazil A. Lima Mortari Moret, N. Barreto Frederigue Lopes, E. Mayara Scarabello
Family-centered intervention in cochlear implant program A. Lima Mortari Moret, J. Speranza Zabeu Fernandes
Musical perception in implanted children:test update N. Frederigue-Lopes, I. Horita, MF Mondelli
A Case Study: Listening, language and literacy development in a profoundly deafblind learner. C. Infield
Poster – Case Study: use of Listening for Learning Near Match Toys to inform parents of a young deaf child’s functional speech discrimination C. Infield
Interprofessional Preparation of Early Interventionists: Scholar Perspectives D. Toney, K. Winkler
Plurilingual professionals and families following LSLapproach M. Vallarino
Grandparents’ Engagement in Early Intervention S. Lenihan
Language Development in Cochlear Implant Patients: Auditory Training and Cognitive Testing A. Medina Corrales, N. Castañeda Villa
Parent Support through a Family Retreat P. Martin
Sonoma County Best Practices in Mainstream Education of DHH Students C. Madonia
Accuracy matters: Where Good Intentions Go Wrong D. Violetto, L. Bondurant
Children with Deafblindness from Three Perspectives P. Dischinger, L. Quinonez Sumner
Choosing Hearing Devices and Related Outcomes to Language Intelligibility E. Fredes Albarracín, S. Gonzalez-Delarosa, C. García Sánchez
Pre-clinical Hearing Loss Research S. Murillo-Cuesta,
Evaluating Auditory-Verbal Therapy Strategies in Telepractice E. Fredes Albarracín, T Martinez-Santiago
Audiological Rehabilitation and Synergy Benefitting Cochlear Implant Patients R. Piccione
Come Walk in My Shoes S. Levy
Early Intervention Outcomes: Past, Present and Future T. Bradham
Babies: Talk. Sing. Read. Repeat. J. Simpson Allen
LSLS Certification – an option for professionals worldwide U. Löfkvist, U. Soman, M. Melo, F. Clark, C. Abascal, G. Guignard
Bilingual Language Proficiency in Adolescents with HL A. Alfano, S. Lim, C. Gutierrez-Rivas
Musical Skills Development in Children With Hearing Loss E. Fredes Albarracín
The C.H.I.L.E. Strategy A. Noyola, LA. Sei, L. Rodriguez
Listening Without Limits: Possibilities for the Spanish-speaking World M. Helbig, J. Gebhardt
Hearing-related Quality of Life in Adolescents C. Bartrop
Reliability of Speech Processors and Remote Microphones L. Brewster, M. Yeomans, C. Douglas
Beyond the Booth: Functional Listening for Adolescents N. Shalita
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Poster presentations will need to be placed and ready for viewing by Monday, July 1 before the conference begins and should remain in their assigned location until the end of the conference on Tuesday, July 2. Presenters are encouraged to stand by their posters to present their works during at least two of the four coffee breaks on Monday 10:30 to 11:00 and 4:00 to 4:30 and Tuesday at 10:30 to 10:45 am and 4:40 to 5:10 pm. A staff member will provide your with the location of your poster and will provide you the material to place it when you arrive to the conference in Madrid.

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