Susan Emmett, MD, MPHKeynote Speaker

    Keynote Speaker

    Susan Emmett, MD, MPH

    Associate Professor of Otolaryngology and Public Health

    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

    Susan Emmett, MD, MPH, is an otolaryngologist and public health expert who develops evidence-based solutions to address preventable hearing loss. She serves as Associate Professor of Otolaryngology and Public Health at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Director of the UAMS Center for Hearing Health Equity.


    The Road to Hearing Health Equity

    Of the 1.5 billion people living with hearing loss worldwide, 80% are in low- and middle-income countries or underserved populations with limited access to hearing care. Changing this reality necessitates a public health research-based approach to develop evidence directly translatable to policy change. During this keynote, we will discuss strategies we can all apply to achieve hearing health equity. A multifaceted perspective spanning prevention, diagnosis, and treatment is central to this approach, as is advocacy and mentorship. Collaboration across disciplines and application of innovative technology complete the approach. We will review research initiatives through the Global HEAR and HEAR-USA Collaboratives, research networks dedicated to addressing hearing loss disparities globally and in the United States. A focus of the keynote will be how we all play a role in the sustained impact needed to bring hearing health equity to all.


    During this session, participants will:

    1) Recognize the disproportionate burden of hearing loss in underserved populations
    2) Acknowledge the role of public health research in developing evidence that can be translated into policy change
    3) Feel empowered to be a part of the hearing health equity solution


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