Prof. Greg Leigh AO, Ph.D., FACEKeynote Speaker

    NextSense Institute (Australia)

    Greg Leigh AO, Ph.D., is Director of NextSense Institute, a centre for research and professional education operated by NextSense and Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. He has published widely on early hearing detection and intervention.

    EHDI, Developmental Outcomes, and Quality Of Life: What Can We Learn From the First 10 Years of the LOCHI Study?

    This presentation describes and discusses findings from the first 10 years of the Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Hearing Impairment (LOCHI) Study, which includes more than 450 deaf and hard of hearing Australian children whose hearing losses were identified variously through newborn hearing screening or later paths to confirmation and intervention. Outcomes discussed include language and communication development (particularly functional listening and pragmatic language abilities), social and emotional development, and quality of life. Factors that influence and impact those outcomes will be considered, particularly age of identification and intervention. Implications will be drawn for practice in early intervention and education—highlighting the importance of early detection and timely intervention and, particularly, the need for targeted strategies to develop functional listening abilities and a range of pragmatic language abilities for use in social communication.

    By the end of this session, learners will be able to:

    1. 1. Speak about the Longitudinal Outcomes for Children with Hearing Impairment (LOCHI) Study and associated empirical evidence for the relationship between early intervention and developmental outcomes for children with congenital hearing loss.
    2. 2. Identify factors, other than age at intervention, that impact developmental outcomes for children with hearing loss.
    3. 3. Explain the relationship between language and communication outcomes, behavioural strengths and difficulties, and quality of life for children with hearing loss.
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