Linda J. Hood, Ph.D.USA

    Keynote Speaker

    Linda J. Hood, Ph.D.

    Linda Hood, professor and hearing scientist at Vanderbilt University, focuses NIH-funded research on auditory physiology, neuropathy, genetics, and efferent function. She works with NIH, HEARing CRC-Australia, and WHO-Geneva, and is past president of national/international audiology organizations.


    Evaluation and Management of Patients with Auditory Neuropathy

    This presentation focuses on a hearing disorder, known as auditory neuropathy, auditory dys-synchrony, and auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder, that affects neural processing of sound and significantly impacts communication ability. Auditory characteristics of patients with auditory neuropathy will be discussed, along with strategies for evaluation, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate management.

    Learning Outcomes:
    1. Identify characteristics of individuals with auditory neuropathy and peripheral neural hearing loss.
    2. Describe appropriate evaluation findings in individuals with auditory neuropathy.
    3. Describe appropriate management strategies for individuals with auditory neuropathy.
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