Ruth Litovsky, Ph.D.Keynote Speaker

    Keynote Speaker

    Ruth Litovsky, Ph.D.

    Professor and Department Chair

    University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

    Ruth Litovsky, Ph.D., is Oros Family chair and chair of the Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She directs the Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab, has a joint appointment in Surgery/Otolaryngology, and is faculty member of the Neuroscience Training Program.

    Benefits to Patients from Binaural Hearing: Spatial Perception and Cognitive Load

    Binaural hearing is critical for everyday communication. In the past two decades there has been a major shift towards providing CIs in both ears, recognizing that patients can potentially benefit from having the ability to localize sound and hear speech in noise. However, CIs were not designed as binaural devices that can easily capture binaural cues. The Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison focuses on three important areas of study: sound localization, hearing speech in noise, and listening effort. This paper provides an overview of how our lab is assessing and working towards true binaural hearing for CI users.

    Learning Outcomes
    1. To identify benefits related to bilateral cochlear implants or SSD-CI.
    2. To describe how bilateral benefits are assessed using behavioral outcomes and objective measures including pupillometry and fNIRS.
    3. To evaluate potential effects of plasticity and experience with bilateral hearing on functional ability in realistic listening situations
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