Ulrika Löfkvist, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEdKeynote Speaker

    Associate Professor
    Uppsala University (Sweden)

    Dr. Löfkvist is an associate professor at Uppsala University in Sweden with clinical background as a speech-language pathologist at a hearing implant center. Dr Löfkvist’s current research focus is to explore factors that explain variation in linguistic and cognitive outcome in individuals with hearing loss.

    Congenital CMV Infection: The Unknown and Common Cause of Hearing Loss and/or Neurodevelopmental Disorders

    Congenital CMV infection is a common cause of acquired pediatric hearing loss and/or different neurodevelopmental disorders. Still, it is an unknown virus infection for many in society, including for healthcare providers. Individuals with congenital CMV infection is also an understudied group in research, especially related to clinical outcomes and intervention actions besides medical treatment.

    During this session, the participants will listen to short presentations related to three main themes: prevention and screening; CMV’s impact on hearing, balance, and cognition; and suggested current best clinical practices related to treatment and intervention for individuals with congenital CMV infection and his/her family. After, there will be a joint discussion by a multidisciplinary panel of presenters, led by Dr Löfkvist. The panel have both clinical and research experience with CMV and will share their expertise and knowledge.

    By the end of this session, learners will be able to:

    1. 1. Express the importance of preventive actions and screening of congenital CMV infection.
    2. 2. Explain the impact of congenital CMV infection on hearing, balance, and cognitive abilities in individuals born with CMV with a life-time perspective.
    3. 3. Describe current best practice related to treatment of children with congenital CMV infection and intervention approaches related to individual needs of the child and his/her family.
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